I am now taking orders for custom tags by wait list only. When my shop is constantly open for orders, I get more orders each day than I can fulfill in a day. I'm notoriously inaccurate when attempting to predict turnaround time when I have a big pile of orders waiting, partially because the amount of time needed to make a tag is extremely variable. I hope this new system will keep my customers and myself sane. I have a long wait list already, but when I get through those orders, I hope to reopen the wait list monthly to 25 names. I don't want anyone to wait more than a month to order MDM tags and I don't want to have your payment until I am ready to make the tags. If it works out this way, I'll move to having the wait list open constantly. Thank you for your patience as I figure this all out!

Click here for the Wait List page.

Status: Currently closed!