What’s next?

Here are the next few in-progress things that I sincerely plan to complete. There are no guarantees in life, however, and I may get distracted by something shiny. Or post the last thing on this list first. Or randomly refuse to go anywhere near the drill press for two weeks. You’ve been warned. What I WILL do is update this section whenever it occurs to me that I’ve changed my plan 😅 So please check in here occasionally if you’re looking for something or wondering about something I said I would do :)


  • many more “filthy blanket sucker” takeout tags are waiting to be finished and posted
  • ”this one looks like it had a bowl of sugar for breakfast” at least six aluminum crystal takeout tags and potentially made to order (these are just waiting on me to do a drill press cycle, which has somehow taken me weeks to get to. new estimate, hoping to post these June 16-17
  • ”if you can read this, I’m already licking you” made to order is coming up after I finish the current made to order (and after I sell the crystal takeouts)
  • a meme related takeout tag sale (haven't even started making them but it's happening eventually)



Click here to check on the status of orders that have already been placed