What’s next?

Here are the next few in-progress things that I sincerely plan to complete. There are no guarantees in life, however, and I may get distracted by something shiny. Or post the last thing on this list first. Or randomly refuse to go anywhere near the drill press for two weeks. You’ve been warned. What I WILL do is update this section whenever it occurs to me that I’ve changed my plan 😅 So please check in here occasionally if you’re looking for something or wondering about something I said I would do :)


  • updated: July 24
  • *EVERYTHING* is slow right now because we are going through hell with our oldest dog. (Update July 24 we have her on new sedatives and I’m able to work again finally, but she has surgery scheduled mid next week and I’m not sure how much that will affect my work hours in the following week or so.) I am used to working for most of the day every day and I’ve barely been working at all for 1.5 month. Please be extra patient if waiting on something from me :)
  • clicker dish takeout sale for the stock I have left (this will wait until the next clicker release)
  • a meme related takeout tag sale
  • will need to catch up on MNB orders shortly. may stop the flow of made to order for this
  • totally new, weird products



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