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I want to work for all of you, but there is only one of me. I know (and I am deeply grateful) that many people are happy to wait for custom art, but I am already making as many tags as I reasonably can and I’m no longer willing to let work pile up unnecessarily… so I will only commit to a week’s worth of work at a time. Thanks for your understanding!




I will be choosing which orders I want to take.

Every Monday, the custom order forms will be open ALL DAY.

You can add custom tags to cart and check out.

Payment will be authorized, but not processed unless I accept your order. Excess orders will be canceled on Tuesday without processing payment.

There will be a maximum of 2 tags per order. Any orders for more than 2 tags will be canceled, unless they are orders from names on the (old, permanently closed) Wait List. Wait List orders have a maximum of 5 tags.

EXPLANATION: I have to limit orders to keep the turnaround time reasonable. There are many ways to do this, and they're all lame. I'm really unhappy with the deciding factors being "who is willing to wait on a wait list for the longest amount of time," "who can manage to be online at a particular pre-announced time" or "who can check out the fastest." I can only increase the prices so much before the tags venture into "customers are afraid to put the tag on the dog because it was so expensive" territory, and what's the point of making a super durable product if it won't get used? Instead, I'll be choosing what orders I want to accept based on the content of the orders. This will help me control the level of complexity I'm taking on for a particular week (and better estimate how long each order will take to complete.)

If your order is canceled, please assume that I would be THRILLED to take your order and the only reason it was not accepted is because I received too many requests. If there is a reason for cancellation other than "there were too many requests and I couldn't accept all of them," you will receive an email explaining why. (Examples of this would be: the combination of fonts/symbols/size of tag won't work out, I don't have the size/metal/shape of tag in stock this week, or that services I do not provide were requested, such as a tag cut into a custom shape, Swarovski crystals added, colored paint used.)




There are still 73 names on my Wait List from October 31, 2018. If you are on this list: When you are 100% ready to place your custom order, submit your order on Mad Dog Monday.

There will be a $0.00 item that you need to add to your cart to let me know that the order is from the Wait List. I will put a link here when it is available. Anyone still on the Wait List will get priority over requests to order from “the public.”

However, orders from “the public” will fill the weekly spots when no one on the Wait List requests to order. The tag limit for a Wait List turn will also be reduced to: 5 tags. The only reasons a Wait List order will not be accepted are:

- Requests I cannot fulfill (such as a combination of symbols/fonts/tag size that does not work out, or requests for custom cut shapes/Swarovski crystals/other services I do not provide) You will be emailed if this is the reason your order is not accepted.

- Too many names from the Wait List requested orders in the same week, and I could not accept them all. In this case, "order" on the Wait List (the "order" can be found on Trello) will likely decide which order is accepted.

- Stock delays on particular sizes or shapes of tags may alter which orders I accept, since the turnaround time is based on products (blank tags) that I have in stock.

Please send me an e-mail if you have any questions about this!